School of Religious Education (CCD)

School of Religious Education (CCD)

Director:      Sister M. Marcia Vinje

Coordinator: Frank Marchese

Administrative Assistant: Joanne Callari

Office:          Parish Center

Telephone:  718-494-0308

Religious Education Announcements


CCD registration forms are available in the rectory.  New children coming into the program must provide a copy of their Baptism Certificate.  The deadline for registration is August 31st.  For anyone not yet registered, we will have registration on August 30th @ 6:30 pm in the Parish Center.

Mandatory Parent meetings will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 13th and Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 7:30 pm in Our Lady of Pity Church.  Choose the more convenient day for you.

Religious Education classes begin the week of September 19th.


Class Schedule

  • Monday 4-5:30 pm grades 3-4-5

  • Tuesday 4-5:30 pm grades 3-4-5

  • Tuesday 6:30-8 pm grades 6-7

  • Wednesday 4-5:30 pm grades 1-2

  • Wednesday 6:30-8 pm grade 8

  • Thursday 4-5:30 pm grades 1-2

For more information, check out Religious Education Program under Categories.